Flexible. Scalable. Pay as you go.

Cloud611 is a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider and as such, we can sell you licenses to Microsoft cloud services with additional benefits you typically won’t get if you order them directly from Microsoft. Our licensing agreements comes with support for all licensed users (not just the admins), access to a self-service knowledge portal, and a free online course on Office 365 from Cloud611 Academy. Our course creator, Jenn Reed, is author of Office 365 for Dummies, a top-selling title in its category at

As a Microsoft Partner with Silver Competency in Cloud Platform and Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions, we have in-house expertise to fast-track your organization’s adoption of Office 365 and other Microsoft cloud services. Our experience implementing Microsoft solutions in large enterprises as well as small businesses enables us to provide you with high-quality support as we know first-hand what the features are and the workarounds for some of the known issues.

Microsoft Cloud Licensing

Microsoft cloud services allow you to scale your monthly subscription up or down depending on your needs so you never have to pay for licenses you don’t need. In this model, you eliminate capital expenditures and, instead, treat your subscriptions as operating expenses.

  • Office 365
  • Skype for Business
  • Exchange Online
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Enterprise Mobility and Security
  • Windows 10 Enterprise
  • and more!

The Cloud611 Advantage

We are invested in our client’s success. We take pride in our work and we’ll leave no stone unturned to ensure we propose the best options and deliver work at the best possible quality.

  • Fortune 500 experience<
  • Office 365 Subject Matter Expertise
  • Access to On-Demand Trainings
  • Weekly updates to keep you informed
  • Tech Support for all licensed users
  • We are an extension of your IT department

Support Scope

The Cloud611 Knowledge portal hosts a wide range of content to get you up to speed on Office 365 and other Microsoft technologies. Within the service itself, there are self-service guided tours which provide information on the features and functionalities.

If, however, you run into issues or if the system is not behaving as expected, we are here to support you. Below is a list of typical issues one might encounter while using the services. We are happy to provide you with guidance and support to resolve those issues.

Please note: “How To” instructions and customization are not part of the licensing support. We do, however, provide you options for Signature support should you need it. More information about our Signature Consulting and Support services are available at the IT-as-a-Service page.

  • Create and manage user accounts
  • Assign and manage licenses
  • Address User password reset/ change requests
  • Setup and manage user roles
  • Generation of available reports on Office365 portal
  • Create and manage Distribution Lists and Contacts
  • Create and manage Resource Mailboxes
  • Configure Outlook with Exchange online
  • Guide users in configuring supported mobile devices with ActiveSync
  • Manage email flow and transport settings
  • Manage SPAM and quarantine settings
  • Manage email Archival Rules
  • Manage Critical mailbox’s legal hold

E5 Plans

  • Managing SPAM settings for individuals & domain
  • Managing SPAM policies
  • Allowing and blocking email domain
  • Managing malware policies
  • Managing Quarantine policies
  • Setting up Whitelisting, Blacklisting of domains
  • Address conferencing related issues – web, audio, and video
  • Configure Outlook with Skype for Business
  • Manage external IM communication
  • Setup and manage meeting rooms
  • Manage custom Skype for Business invites
  • Audio and video call recording
  • PSTN over Skype For Business management (E5 plan)
  • Manage user and team site(s)
  • Manage SharePoint site’s user access
  • Manage document libraries and user assignment
  • Configure OneDrive sync
  • Granting access rights
  • Managing user roles and scopes
  • Importing data into Dynamics 365
  • Managing licenses assignment
  • Managing user account synchronization
  • Managing storage for Dynamics 365
  • Managing instances in Dynamics 365
  • Managing Tenants within Dynamics 365
  • Editing Properties of a Dynamics 365 instance
  • Install Dynamics 365 apps for Outlook
  • Break/Fix – problems with the service
  • Availability – service not accessible, not operating according to service descriptions
  • Bugs and other irregularities that affect service appearance or operation
  • Large-scale network disruptions, multi-tenant impact
  • Other inherently complex or strategic technical support issues

The following are not covered as part of the licensing support.

  • Office 365 Migration issues & support
  • “How To” queries
  • Support for any third-party business application
  • Internet, Network related troubleshooting
  • Hardware support
  • Coordination with OEM’s & other non-Microsoft bodies