Licensing Managed Services

Scope of Support

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve your technology needs. To help enable your organization with the technologies you license from us, we provide services to simplify management and increase adoption of Office 365/Microsoft 365 including maintenance and support, license and user management, adoption communications, and data security.

Please review the documentation below on the support scope, engagement process, and service level agreement.

Support Focus Areas

Your managed services agreement with us is designed to help you realize your investment in cloud technologies by focusing on the following areas.

People and Process

  • User onboarding/off-boarding
  • User and Group administration
  • Configuration mentorship


  • Microsoft 365 Tenant Administration
  • Break/Fix Support
  • Incident and Escalation Management


  • Subscription management
  • Usage and adoption metrics
  • Business technology reviews




  1. End-User establishes contact with TD Synnex CSP Help Desk via:
  1. Help Desk Support will greet the customer, validate support, validate ownership, and gather information on the issue or incident.
  2. Help Desk Engineers will provide technical support and attempt to resolve the issue.
  3. Help Desk Engineers may escalate to Microsoft support for issues requiring additional support and will provide updates through troubleshooting and resolution.
  4. Help Desk Engineers will document case and generate a support ticket, including turnaround time if the issue cannot be resolved on the first contact.
  5. For Billing and Licensing questions and support, contact

Service Level Agreement

Initial Response Time Goals

Contact Method Metric SLA



Average speed to answer 60% answered within 60 seconds



Response Time >= 80% to be responded to within 1 hour

Single Incident Purchase


Response Time >= 80% to be responded to within 1 hour

 Escalations with Microsoft

  • Minimal business impact (Severity C – Important): <4 business hours
    • The situation has minimal business impact. The issue is important but does not have a significant current service or productivity impact. A single user is experiencing partial disruption, but an acceptable workaround exists.
  • Moderate business impact (Severity B – Urgent): <2 business hours
    • The service is usable but in an impaired fashion. The situation has a moderate business impact and can be dealt with during business hours. A single user, customer, or service is partially affected.
  • Critical business impact (Severity A – Critical): <1 hour
    • One or more services aren’t accessible or are unusable. Production, operations, or deployment deadlines are severely affected, or there will be a severe impact on production or profitability. Multiple users or services are affected.

 Please note: Microsoft defines business hours as 09:00 to 17:30 local standard time, excluding .holidays and weekends.


End user shall:

  • Participate in all troubleshooting sessions as necessary.
  • Ensure customer provided information is correct and current.
  • Ensure delegated admin privileges have been established with TD Synnex.
  • Provide VPN and remote access for the support team if necessary.
  • Provide support updates to key personnel within the client’s organization of status.
  • Designate an agent who is the focal point for all communication with Tech Data relative to the Support Services and has the authority to act on the client’s behalf in matters regarding the Support Services.

Support Scenarios In-Scope


  • Troubleshoot user accounts
  • Troubleshoot licenses
  • Assist with user password resets
  • Setup and troubleshoot user roles
  • Troubleshoot installation, setup, and general technical usage
  • Help generate available reports in Office 365


  • Troubleshoot installation, setup, and general technical usage
  • Troubleshoot Distribution Lists and Contacts
  • Troubleshoot Mailboxes
  • Troubleshoot configuration of Outlook with Exchange Online
  • Troubleshoot supported Mobile Devices with ActiveSync
  • Troubleshoot Email Flow and transport setting
  • Troubleshoot SPAM and Quarantine settings
  • Troubleshoot email archival rules
  • Troubleshoot Critical mailbox’s legal hold
  • Troubleshoot recipient configuration (mailbox permissions, configuring mail forwarding, configuring shared mailbox)
  • Troubleshooting DNS records (MX, CN)
  • Assist with switching mail flow between different domains
  • Advanced Exchange Online support through PowerShell commands


  • Troubleshoot Files
  • Troubleshoot Connectivity
  • Troubleshoot Access
  • Troubleshoot Policies
  • Troubleshoot Voice
  • Troubleshoot Notifications
  • Troubleshoot Chat
  • Troubleshoot Teams
  • Troubleshoot Meetings
  • Troubleshoot Reporting


  • Troubleshoot installation, setup, and general technical usage
  • Troubleshoot user and team site(s)
  • Troubleshoot SharePoint site’s user access
  • Troubleshoot Document Libraries and user assignment
  • Assist with configuration and troubleshooting of external users
  • Troubleshoot permissions and user groups


  • Troubleshoot installation, setup, and general technical usage
  • Troubleshoot Folder Sync with OneDrive utility
  • Troubleshoot OneDrive errors


  • Troubleshooting set up and management of mobile devices
  • Troubleshooting mobile data protection policies
  • Troubleshooting security policies for mobile devices
  • Troubleshooting of Office mobile app
  • Troubleshoot Adding/Removing devices
  • Troubleshooting MDM profiles
  • Troubleshoot removal of corporate data from devices
  • Provide guidance and troubleshooting in pushing mobile apps to users


  • Assist with basic installation, setup, and general technical usage
  • Troubleshooting/Assisting with antispam settings
  • Troubleshooting/Assisting with Allowing & Blocking email domain
  • Troubleshooting/Assisting with malware policies
  • Troubleshooting/Assisting with Quarantine policies
  • Troubleshooting/Assisting with whitelisting and Blacklisting of domains


  • Provide guidance and troubleshooting of archival rules
  • Provide guidance and troubleshooting of Data Loss Prevention
  • Provide guidance and troubleshooting of eDiscovery
  • Provide guidance and troubleshooting importing PST Files & Data to Office365
  • Provide guidance and troubleshooting of permission
  • Provide guidance and troubleshooting of retention policies
  • Provide guidance and troubleshooting of deletion policies
  • Provide guidance and troubleshooting of preservation policies
  • Provide guidance and troubleshooting of Content Searching


  • Troubleshoot installation, setup, and general technical usage
  • Provide guidance and troubleshooting of domains
  • Troubleshooting/Assisting with domain setup and re-delegation
  • Create, change, or delete user accounts
  • Troubleshooting/Assisting with user roles
  • Troubleshooting/Assisting with passwords
  • Troubleshoot sites and site collections
  • Troubleshooting/Assisting with certificates
  • Troubleshooting/Assisting with federation configuration
  • Troubleshooting/Assisting with integration with On-Premise Active Directory
  • Troubleshooting/Assisting with Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Troubleshooting/Assisting with Active Directory synchronization


  • Root Cause Analysis Reports
  • Custom help desk processes
  • User-created workflows and apps
  • Product training
  • Issues related to On-Premise hardware or software
  • Onsite support
  • Third-party application or appliance support
  • Architecture Design or Consulting (requires professional services)
  • Upgrade or migration-related support (requires professional services)
  • Operating System Support (requires ticket purchase from Microsoft)
  • Physical device, hardware or peripheral issues