We’ve been around the block. We’ve seen how larger IT service providers deprioritize the needs of SMBs because “they require a lot of hand holding” and “they don’t have a big IT budget.” We feel that is unfortunate because more than any other organizations, SMBs need help. So we took action and purposely limited our services to SMBs. If others think you’re too small, we’ll take you in because we know you have big needs. We know. We’ve been there.

In the next five years, we see a nation where SMBs are competing on a level playing field using the same technologies that Fortune 500 companies are using.

Our mission is to enable small- and medium-size businesses, nonprofit organizations, and local governments to be productive and secure using the latest cloud technologies.

Team Members

We are a multi-generational team from across the globe who have come together to bring you a wide array of expertise and diverse perspectives.