Safeguarding your business is a must in today’s threat landscape.


Identity & Access Management

Manage your user’s identities in the cloud or on premises. Use single sign-on and multi-factor authentication for access management.

Information Protection

Encrypt your content in the cloud. Protect your files and manage who is authorized to read, edit, and forward your files. Revoke access as needed.

PC/Mobile Device Management

Selectively wipe company data from lost or stolen devices. Manage PCs remotely. Secure content viewers, and manage third-party apps to prevent data leaks.


While large companies (Twitter, Sony, Target, etc.) and government or political organizations (USPS, State Department, the DNC, etc.) have dominated recent headlines for cyber-attacks, data firm International Data Corporation reports that 71% of cyber-attacks target small businesses. With the average cost of dealing with a cyber-attack nearly $36K, it’s no wonder that a staggering 60% of small- and medium-size businesses who have been victims of cybercrime go out of business within six months of the attack.

The sad reality is that small businesses typically do not have dedicated resources to protect themselves against cybercrime. And yet, small businesses are a treasure trove of valuable data hackers love—intellectual property, employee and customer data, bank accounts, and credit card information. Consider this: Visa reports that 95% of credit card breaches are from its smallest business customers!

The good news for small business is that there are tons of cybersecurity information on the internet. The bad news is that there is tons of information—so where do you even start?

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Enterprise Mobility and Security

Learn how the same enterprise-class security tools Fortune 500 companies use are now available to small business on a subscription plan.

Get Started in 3 Steps

If you can only do 3 things today to safeguard your business, start with these.

We Use: OneDrive, SharePoint, Azure Backup & Recovery

Identify what data is at risk and back up that data using a secure cloud solution. Files saved to a USB drive or another location in your network are still vulnerable! Don’t be a victim of ransomware!

We Use: Windows 10, Intune, Azure Active Directory

Keep all your computers and devices clean and running the most current versions. Outdated software and illegal operating systems make you vulnerable. Say YES to familiar updates!

We Use: Yammer, Microsoft Stream, SharePoint

Educate your employees on cybersecurity best practices. Safeguarding your business is everyone’s responsibility. Create a training plan, make it fun, and ensure participation.

Got time for more?

7 Additional Steps To Safeguard Your Business

  1. STAY VIGILANT. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Stick with trusted sites and don’t fall victim to scams such us “You’re a Winner” banners. Be aware of email attachments; ransomware commonly comes in the form of a bogus shipping receipt.
  2. INVEST IN MOBILE SECURITY. Your mobile device is your weak link with the amount of malware now targeted at mobile phones. Services such as Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite help SMB monitor and manage mobile devices to prevent data breach.
  3. BEWARE OF POPUPS. Immediately close popups that ask you to update your account information or install applications you did not specifically request.
  4. BOOKMARK YOUR FAVORITES. Hackers often create pages with names very close to commonly used sites (, for example). Save your most-used websites to avoid typing the wrong address and ending up somewhere you don’t want to be.
  5. HAVE STRONG PASSWORDS. Implement strong password policies and enable multi-factor authentication which requires two or more different types of authentication for added layer of protection.
  6. BE WARY OF “LOST” USB STICKS. If you find a USB stick in the parking lot or anywhere, don’t plug it into your device even if your intent is to try to find the owner.
  7. ENLIST THE HELP OF A TRUSTED IT PARTNER. Cyber-crime is a real threat with devastating potential—don’t fight it alone. At Cloud611, we focus on helping SMBs modernize their business while keeping their data private and secure.

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