Cloud-based solutions empower your people to do great work. Every day.


Office 365

Gear up for a modern workplace with Office 365. In addition to the core services, you also get Videos (your YouTube at work), Teams (think Slack), Planner (think Trello), Groups, Yammer, and more!

Exchange Online

There’s Outlook and then there’s Exchange Online. With Exchange Online your emails are synced across devices, encrypted for privacy, and come with features to prevent data loss.

Office Pro Plus

The Office suite used by millions of users in the world is now modern, sleek, and streamlined. Collaboration has never been easier with features such as sharing all from within Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

SharePoint Online

Share documents, manage who has access to them, and co-author with multiple people in real time in a secure environment. Enable teams to work together wherever they are–anytime, on any device.

Office Online

You’re out of the office and you need to finish working on a document. Simply go to a library or borrow someone’s device to access your files online. From there, you can pick up exactly where you left off.

Skype for Business

Meet virtually, skip the travel, and reduce your carbon footprint. Start with a chat, add voice, turn your conversation into a web conference, share video, whiteboard, and even record the meeting!


We are in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution. Our digital landscape is changing at a rapid pace, forcing us to re-think how we run our businesses.

Employees and team members In today’s world are often working from different locations, using multiple devices, and at various times throughout the day.

As a leader, you want to empower your people to use the devices they are familiar with to get work done smarter and faster without compromising data security.

We implement solutions to help your business become more productive using cloud technologies. When you engage with us, we become your trusted partner and advisor who is invested in your success. We are not beholden to corporate structures so we have the courage to speak the truth to ensure your best interest is served.

The Cloud611 Difference

We know Office 365–we wrote the book on it. When you work with us, your Office 365 implementation comes with extra benefits.

Free Book

Get a free copy of Office 365 for Dummies.

Online Training

Access a library of updated training content.

Support for All

All licensed users get support–not just global admins.

SharePoint Themes

Select from a variety of ready-to-apply themes.

Peek Inside Office 365

Not Just a Microsoft Shop

Our productivity solutions work on Windows and Mac, and yes, even on Android devices.


Are your employees using personal devices for work? No problem. Office 365 works on Windows and Mac computers. Apps are available for iOS and Android mobile devices. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, and Edge are all supported browsers.


We want you to be happy with your cloud technology investment so we provide a 30-day trial of Office 365 and Skype for Business with enterprise voice calling capabilities. After the trial, we’ll convert you to a paid subscription complete with end user support.

Act Now

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Let’s build the roadmap for your cloud journey and partner in the implementation to achieve success.


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