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Our Service Offering

Our strategic IT consulting and support plans take the stress out of using technology so you can focus on growing your small business instead of dealing with IT issues and problems. Our pricing model takes into account small business challenges so you can increase productivity, work with a predictable IT expenditure, ensure data security, and have a disaster recovery plan .

Our ITaaS plans include

Cloud Planning and Strategy
Office 365 Productivity Consulting & Support
Cloud Security Consulting & Support
Business Continuity Consulting & Support

Free for all plans

Office 365 service alerts
Monthly security and compliance report
Monthly usage report
Access to Cloud611 Knowledge portal
Unlimited access to Cloud611 Academy (1 license)



  • All CORE Services
  • 2 hours Signature Consulting & Support




  • All ESSENTIALS Services
  • + 3 hours Signature Consulting & Support (total 5 hours)




  • All ADVANCED Services
  • + 3 hours Signature Consulting & Support (total 8 hours)


Signature Consulting & Support

Total flexibility is what you have with the signature hours included in your plan. Hours are tracked in 30-minute increments. Unused hours are rolled over to the following month and will be good for a year.

We can perform many functions to help your business take advantage of cloud technologies. We can quantify the benefits of the cloud in cost, speed, agility, and time to market.

We customize our engagement with you, but typically our planning and strategy exercise follows this process:

  1. Assessment of your environment, business needs, and budget. Determine what applications and workload are best suited for the cloud.
  2. Planning the migration of your applications to the cloud by creating infrastructure maps, understanding the dependencies, and addressing performance needs.
  3. Visualizing the integration of your applications and the impact to your daily operations.
  4. Preparing your organization for changes as you move your applications to the cloud.
  5. Estimating the cost of not just the migration of your applications but also the monthly cost of maintenance and the return on your investments.

Remote Office 365 Administration
Leverage our team’s expertise in Office 365 for routing tasks such as running Powershell Commands, creating/deleting/modifying users and objects, creating distribution groups and external contacts, troubleshooting connectivity or performance issues, administering SharePoint site collections, and much more.

SharePoint Online Development and Consulting
Our SharePoint Online team is dedicated to helping Cloud611 clients achieve the maximum return on their SharePoint investment. Our SharePoint team can assist you with customizing the branding, look, and feel of your site, integrating new web parts and third party additions, customizing lists and document libraries, migrating content from existing SharePoint On-Premise installation or file servers, architecting document libraries, and more.

Hosted Skype for Business Solution
Optimize your Office 365 investments by integrating telephony in your system. Beyond just telephony, you can have web conferencing, meeting broadcasting, and video sharing to save on travel costs and allow employees to work remotely but still be connected with the rest of the organization. We can help you plan out the details and implement the solution.

Businesses today are facing a constantly evolving threat landscape. Data security breaches and downtime from ransomware are no longer reserved for large corporations.

We help you plan for and address the risks posed by employees using their personal mobile devices at work. Security is a top priority for us so you can lean in on us when it comes to identity and access management, developing a secure website, message encryption, data loss prevention, PC and mobile device management, backup and recovery, and more.

You can use your signature hours to enhance security by implementing user access management, using single sign-on to your business applications, and deploying multi-factor authentication to add a second layer of security to signing in. We can also proactively monitor your environment so you are alerted when something suspicious is detected in your accounts.

In the event of a disaster or an unexpected event, how long will it take your business to get back online? Are you putting off doing something about this eventuality because of the cost?

We’ve got good news for you. With cloud technologies, you can now have easy, affordable data backup that’s ready when you need it. When the unexpected happens–such as a fire, flood, or a break-in–you can be back online in minutes.

Ask us about synchronizing your files across your devices with SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business to give you the confidence that your data is continuously backed up in distributed data centers. Ask us, too, about disaster recovery technology to ensure your applications and databases are backed up and recovered when needed.

  • Office 365 Portal Administration
  • SharePoint Online
  • Skype for Business
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Office 365 Training
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Web Design and Development
  • Domain Management
  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Portfolio Management Implementation
  • Dynamics CRM Implementation
  • Device Management

Safeguard Your Business With Us

Lost or stolen mobile devices can result in lost company files and data. Malicious hackers or malware can disrupt business and steal critical data. And systems can go down unexpectedly. But you can help keep your data protected, control access to information, and restore your systems with technologies built with your security in mind.

Managing Risk

Employees want the freedom to access the applications and data they need on whatever PC or device they choose – whether at the office, at home, or on the road. At the same time, you need to make sure data is protected and available only to the people who should have access.

Our solution provides built-in security features at every level of your technology platform, from mobile devices to PCs to servers. You can have peace of mind that it works together—and that the right people can access files and information.

The cloud technology we use builds resiliency and recovery capabilities from server software to the cloud, to PCs and devices. So you can be confident your business can get back up and running, even if disaster strikes at the main office.


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